• Hello, my name is Jen Brandt. I am owner and photographer here at Where Bluebirds Fly Photography. My journey in photography started with my desire to find something creative I could do that I could also do with my three children, so after taking Mary Collier's Momtography Class, taking thousands of pictures of my kids, and getting a much better grip on my camera….it's functions that is…. I proudly opened my business in March of 2012.

    After spending a little over two years photographing everything from birth to marriage and 50 year anniversaries, I have recently made the decision to specialize in all things baby and children. Although I enjoy photographing all life's events and forming relationships with a large diversity of people, my heart is with Babies and Kids. From the new beginning of life in a mommies belly, to their grand entrance, flakey toes, and pouty lips, I LOVE babies. And who doesn't adore the curiosity and slight apprehension every toddler has with their first photography experience.

    After having three children of my own, I understand the stress of pregnancy, birth and newborns, and my goal is to take that away for a small amount of time during your sessions with me all while providing amazing images of your littles. I am a full service photography studio…….I even change diapers! From the comfort of knowing every detail of your baby's birth is being captured to sitting back and reading a magazine for the first time since baby's arrival while I document all their newborn goodness, your experience at Where Bluebirds Fly will be laid back and flexible to you and your infants needs!

    Thank you for stopping by for a visit!!


Baby Tyler : Wenatchee Newborn Photographer

Through my photography journey I have had opportunity to experience many types of photography…….from bellies, births, and newborns, to 50th wedding anniversary and everything in between.  As with any journey there are parts that you enjoy more than others, and although photography in general is something I enjoy and love, newborn photography is my true LOVE!!  The reason I know this is because despite sessions that end with poo on all my props, pee dripping down my arm, and the sound of a fussy little one still in my ears………I still LOVE it and can’t wait until the next newborn session.  So much so that I typically can’t wait to get home and edit them…….as in the house falls apart around me while I edit…..kinda excitement.  The craziest thing is……it never gets old…..never ever! Every time I get a call or inquiry for a newborn session my heart flutters just a little bit!  After taking Keri Meyers 2:1 mentoring a couple months ago, I changed my whole way of doing things  and it shows.  I have added so many new props, a lighting set up, and a new much more efficient workflow that is totally giving me the consistency I have been longing for!  I am so excited to share more baby pics over the next couple of weeks…….as it is a baby boom at the studio right now! : )

Baby Tyler……although a little old for newbie pics at over two weeks…….really rocked his session!  Because I couldn’t help myself, I shared a ton of this boy’s images already on fb, but there are plenty more great images to share here!  ENJOY!!







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Liam Turns One : Wenatchee Children’s Photographer

The best part about being a children’s photographer is that I get to see kiddos and families grow up! I met Liam the first time at his 6 month session and instantly fell in love with his concern and apprehension. You

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know the furrowed brow, sizing up the situation, what are you going to do Lady……look? But just like his first session it didn’t take him to long to warm up to the idea of having his smile forever preserved in a picture! When Kelsey, Liams adorable mama, contacted me for his one year session I seriously could have done back flips. Oh my…..how has this sweet boy changed, what does he look like, is he talking, is he going to size me up again, wonder what his cute little laugh sounds like now……..these are just a few of the questions that got more and more excited as the day approached, and he didn’t disappoint! He had gotten bigger and taller, he looked more like a little boy and not a baby, although more of an observer his voice was heard…..when he wanted you to…..LOL, and his laugh……oh his sweet little laugh was a sound that gave me perma grin……you know……the cheek hurting, can’t stop smiling kinda grin! As a matter of fact I have that same grin right now as I write this and look back at these images! Happy 1 year Mr. Liam……am already anticipating how great your two year session will be!!



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Jonathan….one year old : Wenatchee Childrens Photographer

As I mentioned in a previous blog post……relationships are everything to me….EVERYTHING! That is my why! It is about the people and their story. I remember being so terrified of the day when people I didn’t know started calling the studio for pictures……what if they don’t like me, what if the images stink…..I what iff’d myself into not sleeping, using the bathroom every 2 minutes, and excessive chocolate and coffee drinking…..well the coffee thing is most of the time

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really, but anyways I was TERRIFIED!

Then this little man came along…..as a baby I didn’t know…..a family I didn’t know….referred by a great friend that said amazing things about me! Double duty worrying ensued…..not only were the “strangers” but my friend said I was amazing! AHHHHH ……AMAZING?…..no preasure right?

Well the session went “AMAZING” Mr. Jonathan and his family changed my anxiety to excitement to meet new families……families I didn’t even know…..but wanted to! Have now had the fun of seeing how this non “stranger” has changed in the last year. It was the best thing ever watching this cutie boy come into the studio……a one year old!! And I just can’t wait for two….three…four…..five…..six…….senior pics! LOL!

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Brittany, Ricki and Belly : Wenatchee, WA Maternity Photographer

These are the sessions you look forward to as a maternity photographer. You know….the ones where Mom and Dad are game to play, laugh, and be photographed doing it. Well Ricki and Brittany were that couple…..and the results were great!

I had been dying to get a mama that was comfortable enough to get nakey…..well kinda….more like partially nakey for me! When Ricki’s sis bought the gift card……and on a side note what a great gift huh?…….she mentioned that she would like a combo of nakey type and non-nakey kind of images, so in all my excitement I immediately got online and ordered a gown from www.shoptaopan.com…..who incidently rushed it to me with no extra fee! Love them! So the joy I had when it didn’t take much to talk Ricki into taking his shirt off……well……just take a look and you will see why I have an instant smile everytime I look at these!

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Stacey Carroll Erickson

Awesome photos! Luv Miss Brittney!

Nattie Turns Two : Wenatchee Childrens Photographer

One of the big questions that you have to anwser when creating a brand and image for you photography business is “WHY?”, and for the longest time now I have struggled defining my why. Was it the artistic challenge, the constant change in scenery, the love for photography………well….those are all very important to me and do have a part in why I love this job……but the biggest one is the relationships! I LOVE the relationships! I LOVE the snuggles and smiles when kids show up because they know they are there to play, run, and laugh. I LOVE the hugs I get from parents and the birth announcements and christmas

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cards that stuff the mailbox! I LOVE when they get in the car…..totally worn out from our time…..waving and saying “bye Jen”…..when just months previous they couldn’t even talk! Being a sentimental person……no seriously…..over the top sentimentl…….I mean I cried when I realized Finley no longer needed the stool to wash her hands at the sink…….these moments are always with me, and there is no better way to brighten an already amazing day then to meet up with a girlie that I have had the joy to see grow!!

If you have followed me for you long you know that this little girlie has graced my blog before. I have been taking Miss Natalies pictures for over a year now and have LOVED every minute of it. From puggy sit and stare 1 year old, to inquisitive eyebrow furrower, to now almost 2 cautious but giggly girl, Nattie is a play date I never turn down! LOL.

The plan: A couple of pics in front of the giant two at the wenatchee bus garage!
The reality: Giant 2 is no longer, but smaller two was found!
The Play: Running……until I was a sweatball…..well maybe that was because I was totally overdressed for wenatchee weather, Giggling…..me maybe more than her, and some hide and seek!
The Results: Well see for yourself!!




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Danielle Salmon

You’re going to make me cry!!!! We always have so much fun with you!!! Love all the pics!!! Thanks miss Jen!!!!