Wenatchee Newborn Photographer | Bani’s Newborn Session

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet girlies parents for their maternity session way back in October, so the wait to meet Miss Bani seemed like it lasted forever!!  But……it was totally worth it!!

Here is a few of Miss B’s images from her colorful session!!




Miss Holland | Wenatchee WA Newborn Photographer

Awwww……Sweet little Holland!!!  As you will see in these images of Baby Girlie, when are a growing family photographer…..sometimes you just have to go with reality!! LOL!!  As a documenter by nature, I LOVE capturing people as they are right at this moment in life.  One of the funnest parts for me when looking though all my pics of my children and family is remembering back to what we were like right then…….good, bad, and ugly.:)

Don’t get me wrong……I know we all want that perfect photo to hang on the wall…….but sometimes reality is a lot more fun to show.  Trust me when I say……they grow up so fast that someday you will be wishing for the days like the one Mr. S was having!!!

Here is a peak at Holland and fam!!



Baby Jax | Wenatchee Newborn Photographer

One of the best things about newborn photography is the anticipation of getting to meet all these sweet babies.  I always encourage mommies to contact me early in their pregnancy to insure a place on my schedule.  Mr. Jax’s mommy did just that, so not only was I able to get to know his Mommy better……which I love just as much…., but I also got in on the wonder and excitement that happens when babies are expected.

Even though I knew a boy was expected, I still wondered all those things…….how big, hair or no hair, pudgy or not…..etc.  As much as I always love chatting with parents when they arrive at the studio……….the deep down truth is all I want to do when you arrive is see that baby!!! LOL!!

Jax did not disappoint……like any baby does, but his soft skin and adorable hats his Mama brought just enhanced his session even more.  Enough with the words……on to some amazing newborn cuteness!!



Wenatchee Family Photographer | The Jones Fam

Working in Wenatchee is almost a dream for me. I have lived here my whole life and love the opportunity to include Wenatchee landmarks in my images. For the whole summer, I have been mentioning to families that I wanted to go to the Pybus market to do family pics. My vision was to follow this family through their pybus adventure, run around outside, jump of the benches, get some sit and giggle in front of the very distinct Pybus louvered walls, and most of all see the kiddos faces when I mentioned ice cream making sure to capture their ice creamed smeared faces at the end!

When Lynsday contacted me for family pics, I so knew this was the perfect family for this occasion, and this mama didn’t disappoint me when she jumped at the opportunity. I am serious when I say jump…..if texts could be actions…..I would have gotten a whole face full of Lyndsay yelling “YES”. LOL.

After having a hard month dealing with health issues with Mr. Personality, Dash, my hope was to give this amazing family a breath of fresh air…….something fun and carefree. Something with no aspect of serious, and that is where all these great images came from…….being goofy!!


Wenatchee Newborn Photographer : Baby Callen

You have already met this boy’s family from the post below, but it is finally time for his turn! There are just to many cute pics to choose from for this little man’s session, so here are just a few for you to enjoy!